Light Speed: How Fast Can We Communicate

The Internet began as a way to share information. For generations individuals shared knowledge with one another in the hopes of expanding their understanding. As technology advanced  more and more people were able to connect to each other. Interaction grew steadily as did the size of the files being shared. With this expansion came a roadblock that put a limit on our means to communicate. The technology was at a stand still because the electronic hardware was physically imcapable of dealing with such a high number of communication lines. A new way of physically connecting us was needed. Continue reading

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Head in the Clouds

Information Technologies are one of, if not, the most important aspect that we as consumers have at our discretion. Financially speeking IT companies dominate the global economy and impact our daily lives. It’s future is constantly shifting always at the forefront of innovation. Sometimes IT leads and other times they follow the changing pattern of our society. Recently the IT department has found itself in a unique position. Today people are demanding more innovation, more connectivity, and cheaper cost. Because of the current state of the economy companies are struggling to find a way in which to do business and stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing cost. One way in which they have found to do this is by a system known as “Cloud Computing”. Continue reading

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To Share and Share Alike

To talk about systems on the internet such as file sharing one must delve deeper into the history of its creation. Specifically for the subject of file sharing the origins of this system began with the creation of what we call the internet. It began in 1962 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed for the U.S. Department of Defense. A Network was developed designed to allow multiple lines of communication between multiple users. It was called ARPANET. This network idea was basically the creation of the internet and the beginning of information, or file, sharing.

ARPANET grew slowly and after years of changes and andvancements in technology it started to become what we now know today as the internet. Users from all over could access information and exchange data instantaneously. Not until the late 90’s did the face of modern file sharing show its face. Continue reading

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The Right To Copy?

Across the forefront of the technology industry no concern is as big of a hot button issue than the dispute between piracy and copyright law. Currently in Congress attempts are being made to stop pirates and shut down file-sharing web sites that offer access to pirated material. Concern is being raised over the steps that Congress is using to crack down on illegal file-sharing. Continue reading

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